Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Memories of First Stint

OK this is it. I am wrapping up the first stint in this post. It's should have done and dusted a long time ago but I kept delaying it. :)

The 14 people whom I can trust most in Germany. We are the chosen ones!! First batch of MEs for Q-Cells Malaysia.. This shot was taken on the day our boss announced that we would return again in February. And this was supposed to be our last day in AG plant. :D

Unforgettable night! We all made it happen! Looking forward for our second round of get-together. :)

The drinking has not even started and we already got a couple of kung-fu kids that night.. Gosh! :D

Guilty pleasures... :P

Yours truly had a little drink too many.. :)

And the very next morning, we were up early and raring to go once again!

Behind me was the largest monument in Europe, which is located in Leipzig itself. It is the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, also known as "Völkerschlachtdenkmal" locally. It was erected in 1913, symbolic to the the 100 years anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig between the Germans and the French, where Napoleon was defeated.

A better shot of the monument without me in it. The ducks... They're adorable! :)

Tracking backwards, we were also lucky to have the chance to attend the annual Christmas party organised by our company, in Wolfen.

Me with the man who made it happen. Our founding father, our CEO, the company's #1. :)

Chu and me.. We got him a little high that night. I think I missed out a lot more photos from my collection.. Hmmm..

Our A Shift Christmas party, which was held a few days after that. It was somewhere in Leipzig, in this fancy restaurant with some nice medivial setting.. Ratskeller der Stadt Leipzig.

They had their own, uhm, troop of musician and also a master of ceremony for the night. Unfortunately we coudn't unserstand a single thing what he said. But it's ok... It was fun alright..

Us with our German colleagues. The guy in red, sitting in the middle, he is Marco. Marco was the first person I was attached to when we first came to Germany. Nice person and a good mentor.

Peter, the Line 5 boss for A Shift, looking jolly in the funky Christmas hat.. :)

Germans are not as big as we would have thought they would be. But Peter, he is larger than life! With a big heart off course.. :P

Lee and me with the ladies. The one in the middle is Andrea, the lady boss of Line 5, A Shift.

The guy in the middle is my personal mentor, Steve. He is the boss for Line 6's A Shift. Gosh I wouldn't have made it for my assignments if it was not for his help. Very nice guy indeed, and we both love the Foo Fighters! :)

Lingam and me. Full belly and feeling jolly..

I guess that was it. The first visit to Germany. I will stop here now, and I will continue with the second chapter soon. :)

Take care!

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