Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Returning Adventure - Prague

We have been deployed back to Germany since 5th of February 2009. I would say all in all I have been spending much of my time in my apartment. That's the best way of coping with -10ºC temperatures for almost a month of our second stay in Leipzig.

Anyway, we went off for our first trip to Prague on 21st of February 2009, and spent our weekend there. Prague is located somewhere about 202 kms away from Leipzig, and located in the Czech Republic. We took the train, experienced IC train this time, and it was fast.

The eagle has landed on the sewerage cover!! Gosh I am so fascinated with Europe's sewerage covers. :)

We bought the city tram ticket which was good to use for 24 hours. Only cost us around 100Kč, around €3.80. In this shot, we have just hopped down our first stop, which is nearby the famous Prague Castle. It has been around since the 9th century, dated as far as 870 B.C. Check out the snow over the hills above me and the gates built up all the way t the top of the hill.

The first stop I had wanted to drop by since the last visit. Church of Our Lady in Mala Strana. It houses the Infant Jesus of Prague. I have been aware about the Infant Jesus since my first trip to Germany. Mom had told me that one of our family friend, Aunty Joyce was so excited knowing that I had planned for Prague during the first trip. She did mention about the miracles of Infant Jesus, and I have been reading up since then. I guess my prayers to see the Infant Jesus have been answered with the second return.

Me with Infant Jesus. He wears the white robe this time around. The Infant Jesus' robes gets changed every now and then according to religious holidays. I said some little prayers for those dearest to me, not forgetting Aunty Joyce and her family too.. :)

Inside of the Church of Our Lady.

The Prague Castle behind me. It's so huge and it was impossible for me to get a good shot of the mega structures while being inside of it. I hate the fact that I did not bring along my SLR this time around..... :(

The palace guards marching in for a shift change.

Me with a palace guard. He would not respond to anything at all. Gosh what a life!! :D

I guess I will have to cut short on my Prague trip posting for now. I will continue with it when I have more time soon. But it will be within this week. :)

Have fun and take care!

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  1. the palace guard looked more like a mannequin :D