Friday, March 27, 2009

The Returning Adventure - Prague Part 2

Gosh more than a week worth of delay. I think my writing mood is slowly dwindling away... Anyway, just a continuation of some photos of my Prague visit..

St. Vitus Church.... Located within the Prague church area.. Awesomely huge mega structure, it is impossible to get a good shot of the whole building.. And to top up, my beloved SLR is not with me for this trip... :(

St. Vitus Church in the background...
Another shot beside the St. Vitus church..

Intricate paintings by the church..

There's a Toy Museum nearby as well.. We did not visit it though...

More awesome churches around....

The biggest guy from Malaysia, Parthipan, a funny-looking man playing dress-up and me. Parthipan is BIGGER than most of the Europeans that we know at work... :D

Great view of the old Prague area nearby the Castle..

Another shot with the areal view below the Castle area...

This was the spot where the two earlier shots were taken earlier...

L-R: Chu, Parthipan, Sharonjit and me... Hanging out with the Twin Towers from Malaysia (Tiben & Sky) really makes me feel short and stunted... :(

L-R: Yu, Parthipan, Hee, Sharonjit, Chu and me..

You can see the famous Dancing House of Prague behind me.... :)

The Dancing House... Very unique indeed.... :)

Prague is a city full of monuments... I don't even remember it's names..... :/

More monument!! :D

There's also a lot of statues around in Prague... Check out the roof of this building... :)

You could see another landmark behind of me.. The Charles' Bridge... You can also see the Prague Castle in the background.... Sweet!! :)
The Charles Bridge Museum... Just before I embarked on my journey along the historical bridge itself...

One of the 30 statues on Charles Bridge..

The statue of John of Nepomuk.. On March 30 1393, apparently he was thrown into river Vitava from this bridge... See the two golden spots... Most people who walks along this bridge would rub their hands to it.... Apparently one has to make a wish while doing that... And it will come true... :)

Beautiful creatures of the river below...

Another landmark of Prague... The astronomical clock....

The visit would not have been complete without stopping by Hard Rock Cafe... :)
The beginning of our bar-hopping session later on that night.... The guy on the left is our bar-hopping guide from the US, and the one on my left is a German from Leipzig, Carsten..

The bar-hopping group, from everywhere.. Italy, England, German, Canada... :)

Parthiban, me and some girls from Manchester...

Us chilling around in the last snows around....

That's all the updates from Prague... I will proceed with some updates of my visit to Amsterdam soon.... Take care!!!

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